Zoning options

Braemar ducted gas heating offers two zoning options:

Standard zoning

Set your ideal temperature in the common zone and create additional zones, all managed from a single centralised controller.

Heating can be turned on or off in each of the zones - so you're not heating areas that you aren't using.

Clever zoning options for outstanding control and efficiency

The highly efficient zoning option means you can enjoy different temperatures in up to four separate zones with the Spectrolink Controller, and up to 10 zones with the MagIQtouch Controller, giving you total control over individual comfort levels throughout your home.

Each zone has its own wall monted controller allowing you to manage each zone independently and set the program mode to turn the heater on or off in various zones at your preferred times.

Spectrolink Multizone is available with all 4, 5 and 6 star systems. MagIQtouch Controller is available with the 7 star equivalent* system. Remember it's easier and more cost-effective to include this upgrade when the system is first installed.

Your experienced Seeley International dealer can work with you to design the zoning system that best suits your needs and your family's lifestyle.

Braemar DGH ZoneProgramming diagram cropped


Braemar's innovative 'set and forget' Program mode means that you can design a seven day climate control program that suits your lifestyle.

Program mode divides each day into four time periods. You can choose when each of these periods begins and what your system will be doing at that time. Program mode offers flexibility too. If you leave or arrive home early, you can easily skip to the next period. The program will resume once the next time period begins.


*Star rating equivalent. Based on Australian Gas Association’s results calculated in accordance with the testing methodology in AS4556-2011.


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