Invertair Add-on cooling features and benefits

InvertairTM indoor unit

Being Australia's first and only true inverter add-on cooling system, it automatically adjusts the outdoor fan speed as the evening temperature drops, thus always providing the most energy-efficient add-on cooling at the quietest noise levels for your comfort.

Invertair Inverter Add-on cooling 2

  • High energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Significant savings in running costs
  • Low profile design
  • Compact and suitable in almost all roof cavities

Note: The new inverter series can only be installed with the TQ heater and MagIQtouch controller

MagIQtouch Controller

You can have year round heating and cooling, using one controller - the innovative and intuitive Braemar MagIQtouchTM Controller, available on all Invertair add-on coolers when matched with TQ model ducted gas heater.

MagIQTOUCH ScreenOn Braemar

Now, using Braemar ducted gas heaters with Braemar add-on cooling, you can have different cooling temperatures set in different zones, too. You can even choose to cool just one zone* - enhancing your comfort and helping to reduce your power bills.

*Note: Zoning not available with TQ3 star heaters

InvertairTM outdoor unit

SJ2PC020118 outdoorunit colourlogo

Braemar DREDDRED (RJ45 connector)

Saves power in peak usage times

Braemar LongPipe connectionsLong pipe runs (50m)

Allows more flexibility in placing an outdoor unit

Braemar Connection or ServicingSingle drain connection

Allows for faster installation

Braemar FanDC fan motor and compressor

Saves you money by reducing running costs

Braemar Slim designSlim design

Allows more flexibility in placing an outdoor unit

Braemar UserFeatureScrew connect electrical terminals

Ensures that electrical connection is reliable 

Braemar WideOutdoor operatingrangeWide outdoor operating range

Cool: -15°C to 48°C



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