Ducted gas heating with evaporative cooling

hmc-dgh-evap-air-conHow does ducted gas heating work combined with evaporative cooling?
Braemar’s evaporative air conditioning system can be combined with Braemar ducted gas heating to provide a complete heating and cooling solution for your home.

Heating and cooling is delivered into your home through separate ducts, and is typically controlled by one controller for both heating and cooling functions.

Braemar evaporative cooling uses the natural power of evaporation to deliver lots of fresh, cool air - with incredibly low running costs, while Braemar ducted gas heating is Australia’s most efficient heating range, so this combination of heating and cooling systems offers a highly energy-efficient solution for your home.

You can install Braemar evaporative air conditioning in addition to an existing Braemar ducted gas heating systems, as well as with a new installation. Ask your dealer for details.

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